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Our Learning Management System - Moodle

Creating innovative course management solutions with Moodle

Indegu uses one of the world’s most popular learning management systems – Moodle, powering learning environments worldwide. Our team of specialists are highly experienced in using Moodle to create dynamic online training experiences.

Moodle is used all over the world and its flexibility and customisation means it is used in organisations both large and small, including Shell, London School of Economics, State University of New York, Microsoft, and the Open University.  This gives you the reassurance that the solution you have chosen is well-known, scalable and popular.

Why we use Moodle:

Moodle is open source

Which means there is a huge global community of people who support and constantly update it. It also means, that if it doesn’t do quite what you want it to do, it can be customised to suit you.

Moodle can handle any file type

If your course consists of videos, images, audio, animation or simple documents, then Moodle can upload and display them. What’s more, your employees can also upload their own videos, images, audio, animation and documents as proof of their learning.

Moodle is great at communicating

There is an internal messaging system, the opportunity to have discussion groups, forums, blogs. It can even send out emails when something is updated.

Moodle has a great set of reporting tools

Allowing for reports on individual, groups, or courses. Activity logs also allow for monitoring usage.

Moodle is secure

As secure as any website and accessible through desktop or mobile devices.

Using our 20 years’ teaching experience we can blend the latest technology into a bespoke platform that suits your business perfectly. Contact us to find out more about how a Learning Management System can help your organisation by emailing

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